Monday, October 20, 2008

Boxing Equipment

So what equipment do you need to start boxing?

Apart from a pair of fists!

Well first up, a pair of boxing gloves.

They're made from leather and are designed for comfort and protection.

They have foam padding with extra padding on the palm for comfort.
Also your gloves can be used Boxing, Kickboxing and other Martial arts.
And gloves vary in weight from 16oz to 18 oz for professional boxers.

Ladies and children's gloves are also available.

Well if you're stepping inside the ring a head-guard is a good idea. This will absorb the blows directed towards your face. Designs are made from leather.

And you'll need a gum-shield. This helps to protect upper and lower teeth and gums.

When you're not in the ring how about a punch ball.

You attach one from your room ceiling to the floor. And the punch ball is suspended half way for you to beat up.

And last but not least - wait for it - a skipping rope. Yep a skipping rope.

Last time you probably used one was in your school playground. But it's a vital tool in every boxer's armoury.

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